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The artist at work. (Lagos, 1960's)
The artist at work. (Lagos, 1960's)

I came to Edinburgh in the eighties to study French, and my degree included a course in Art History, which stimulated an interest in the visual arts. I started painting in my late twenties and have supported myself since then through painting, sculpture and music teaching. In 2000, I took a six-month painting sabbatical in Paris, and in 2001-2 I studied sculpture at the Frink School of Sculpture in Stoke-on-Trent. I am now back in Edinburgh, painting, sculpting, and teaching the piano.


I am interested in the rituals of everyday existence, especially those that connect us with our inner selves, like reading, writing, having coffee or simply being immersed in our own thoughts. I would like my work to convey something of the atmosphere of these moments, because they both remind us of our essential isolation, but are also moments that we recognise as being common to all. At the same time, I am very much caught up in the mysterious world of painting (creating images) and the wonderful artifice of it all. So my figures and their settings are not realistic but stylised to fit my pictorial world. I paint mainly in oils on canvas, wood, board and paper.


My scuplture so far has been almost entirely figure based and most of it in wood, but I have also worked in plaster, clay, concrete and stone.

In addition to these, I will undertake commissions.

Ruth Addinall